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How to activate a XBOX / Windows 10 key?

Such a product means that it can be activated both on XBOX or a Windows 10. Depending on how you want to use your code, follow the instruction below:

In order to use the key follow the instruction below:

Activation on Windows 10

1.Using your Microsoft account, login to your PC where you want to install your games.

2.On the Start screen, select the Store option.

3.You will see the Store window, so now choose "Games" from the menu.

4.Search for the game you want to install and then select it.

Activation on XBOX

1.Visit the https://www.xbox.com site.

2.Login into your account.

3.Hover the mouse over your account link in the upper right corner. A small menu will be displayed, so click on the "Redeem Code" button.

4.You will be redirected, so then simply click "Redeem"

5.Put your code in and press "Confirm"

6.Lastly, click "Confirm" and the key will be assigned to your XBOX account. 

The key is not working

If you have activated the key according to the guide but the code appears not to work, please check what type of error message you receive and depending on it follow the appropriate instructions: