My key activated a different product that it was supposed to. How can I proceed?

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If you receive a key, that after its activation appears to be meant for a different product there is no need to panic. We assure you that it can be smoothly resolved with our Customer Service by following these simple steps:

  • make sure that you indeed bought the product you intended to purchase. Sometimes mispurchases happen, so please check if you have not picked the wrong product in the first place.

If the issue persists, please make sure if you have indeed bought K4G Purchase Protection for the key in question.

My key is covered with K4G Purchase Protection

In such a case, you can rest assured that our Customer Service Team will do their best to resolve the case as quickly as possible for you.

Simply reach us via 24/7 LiveChat or create a ticket by e-mailing us at [email protected] and make sure to enclose the following unedited screenshots:

  • entered key before its activation
  • displayed error message after activation
  • your Games Library of the platform for which the product is designed

Please keep in mind that the screenshots cannot be edited and your whole screen must be visible, including the taskbar with time/date on it.

Once the screenshots are submitted to us, we will investigate the matter as soon as possible for you. If the issue is confirmed, we will either offer you a refund or a replacement key.  

My key is not covered with K4G Purchase Protection

If you have not purchased KPP, it means that you have decided to take full responsibility for any potential issues with the code. We are therefore unable to assist with such a case. 

If you have any questions concerning your matter, we still invite you to reach our Customer Service who is always more than eager to help out. However, keep in mind that since you have not included the KPP, our assistance might be limited.

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