When can I expect my pre-order to be delivered?

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Please note that while most of the products are instant-delivery ones, pre-order products are not sent out immediately - the keys to pre-orders are always delivered around the release date of the product

How can I recognize a pre-order

Pre-order products can be recognized in few ways:

  • title of the product - such a product will always have "PRE-ORDER" in the name (for instance, Overwatch 2 PRE-ORDER Battle.net CD Key)
  • ribbon on the cover - such a product has a blue ribbon with "PRE-ORDER" name
  • calendar icon on the product card - such a product has always a calendar icon with an information about the release date of the game upon hovering your mouse over it

How can I see when the pre-order will be delivered

Pre-order products are alwyas dispatched around the release date of the game you purchased. This information is visible in few places:

  • product page - you will see a blue note with information when the game will come out
  • order page - in the key field, instead of a code you will see an information when the code for a pre-order will be delivered. Once the key is sent out, it will be displayed in the same place and you will be able to claim it.

The game comes out today - when exactly will the key be dispatched

All codes are always sent out until the release date

If your order has been successfully placed and its status is Processing:Preorder, the key will be sent on the release date the latest. Keep in mind, however, that all pre-order keys are sent out chronogically, starting with Customers whose purchase is covered with K4G Purchase Protection.

If the game comes out today, and you have not obtained your code yet - we kindly ask you for some patience. We assure you that all keys will be delivered as soon as possible.

Where can I find the pre-order offers

All available pre-order products can be found in the Upcoming games section, in the upper menu.

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