My order has “On Hold” status. Why?

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What does an "On Hold" status mean

"On Hold" status means that your payment has been received by us but due to safety reasons it has been held for verification. 


How can I proceed with my held order

Once your order is held for review:

  • you will be receiving an e-mail with instructions from our Customer Support as to how to proceed to have the order dispatched as soon as possible. The e-mail will be entitled "Your order - Your order ID - On Hold"
  • to have the order sent, follow the instructions described in the e-mail from us. Once you provide the necessary information that was requested by our Customer Support, it is crucial that you let us know about it by replying the very same e-mail
  • if this security procedure is ongoing, it is really important to keep the conversation in the "Your order - Your order ID - On Hold" e-mail and refrain from creating multiple tickets concerning the same purchase.

My "On Hold" e-mail is not replied for a long time

Our Customer Service is handling the On Hold orders with the highest priority as we also want to complete the orders as soon as possible for you. We do not want to impose any sort of delays, however, our response time is also dependend on the current traffic. 

This is why, if your ticket is not replied within a few minutes, we would like to kindly ask you for a little more patience. We assure you that every ticket will be replied as quickly as possible. 

At the same time, if you feel that your case is being solved too long, keep in mind that you can also reach us via 24/7 LiveChat. To do that: 

  • click on the LiveChat widget available at the bottom right corner of the website. 
  • it will open a pre-chat survey where you should select "My Order" as a topic and provide your Order ID to which you refer to. Entering this information is crucial, as it will allow us to provide you the help you need much quicker.

Why do we carry out security procedures

We would like to emphasize that the safety of your account is truly important to us and this is why we always want to make sure that any order placed from it has been done intentionally. 

Therefore in some cases, in order to protect your account as in-detail as possible, our Customer Service team must accept some of the orders manually and carry out extra procedures. Nonetheless, we want to highlight that those are to be undergone purely to make certain that your profile is 100% well secured and the transaction itself fully authorized. 

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