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My order was refunded. When will I receive my payment back?

If your order was refunded, please check what type of reimbursement you have received:

  • refund in K4G Balance
  • refund via the payment method used

Refund in K4G Balance

If you have received a refund in K4G Balance, such a reimbursement is immediate. This means that the amount should be available in your K4G Wallet right after you obtained a confirmation from our Support Team that the funds have been added. Therefore, make sure that the amount is not indeed added yet by:

  • verifying the saldo of your K4G Balance
  • checking the Operations History on your K4G account. If the refund was added, you will see an "Order refund" operation associated with the Order ID and product for which the refund was done

If you can confirm that the refund has not been added, please contact our Customer Service via 24/7 LiveChat or by creating a ticket by e-mailing us at [email protected]

Refund via the payment method used 

If you have received a refund via the payment method used, the money should be visible on your account within 5 business days since you got a confirmation from our Customer Service that the case was forwarded to our Accounting Department.

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