What products are available at K4G?

1 min. readlast update: 10.17.2023

At K4G we have thousands of different products and we are enriching our catalogue with tens of new titles each day

On our main listing, you can find such products like:

You can also check all the selected titles for the main game plaforms here:

We want to give you as many filtering options as possible, so that browsing through all the available products can be easy but efficient as well. You can currently use many different filters that will help you find the right product smoothly, such as: price, platform, region, language, genre, gaming tag, PEGI, product type, Metacritic rating, delivery type, publisher, developer.

Not only that, you can also pick one of the two available view modes to fit your preferences: horizontal or vertical.


You can view our main listing here or simply check the list of all available titles here.

All listed products are in digital form, meaning once bought you will receive a key directly to your K4G account


Physical products are not available at K4G just yet.

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