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When can I expect my pre-order to be delivered?

Please note that while most of the products are instant-delivery ones, pre-order products are not sent out immediately - the keys to pre-orders are always delivered around the release date of the product

How can I recognize a pre-order

Pre-order products can be recognized in few ways:

  • title of the product - such a product will always have "PRE-ORDER" in the name (for instance, Overwatch 2 PRE-ORDER Battle.net CD Key)
  • ribbon on the cover - such a product has a blue ribbon with "PRE-ORDER" name
  • calendar icon on the product card - such a product has always a calendar icon with an information about the release date of the game upon hovering your mouse over it

How can I see when the pre-order will be delivered

Pre-order products are alwyas dispatched around the release date of the game you purchased. This information is visible in few places:

  • product page - you will see a blue note with information when the game will come out
  • order page - in the key field, instead of a code you will see an information when the code for a pre-order will be delivered. Once the key is sent out, it will be displayed in the same place and you will be able to claim it.

Where can I find the pre-order offers

All available pre-order products can be found in the Upcoming games section, in the upper menu.

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